Erdo Group Commission Fee

Erdo Group Commission Fee

Erdo Group Commission Fee – in case of buying – selling

“Erdo Group” fee is 6%, – 3% from the seller’s and 3% – from the buyer’s side. There are different reactions to this topic:

For example, the question: Oh, it’s too much?! Answer: Oh, not much, because:

1. Around the world (at least in America – Europe) it’s exactly so.

2. When we get 6 % – then we can already control the entire market information. As often one agent represents the buyer, and another – the seller, i.e., this sum is divided in two. That is 6 % is the amount that satisfies both sides even two different companies and, therefore, they exchange information freely/without hindrance and successfully. Otherwise, if there were only 3 %, a particular agent would be forced to show only his own versions; that is his information would be scarce and not all-embracing.

3. Consequently, in scarce information is greater chance to meet something having unrealistic price, as there is the absence of choice.

4. 3 %, in this case separately payable by each of the parties, there is a woe – huge amounts of money that it was not worth for you to get the service. Is not it better to lie down on the couch at home, with your family, and instead of you your broker by the sweat of his brow sought out various options for you. And then you while drinking tea, and smacking chocolate bar, decide which option is convenient for you. Is not it worthy for you that instead of extra blushing and embarrassment and, to make the broker, obliged to do this, to bargain with the other side, is not it worthy for you that your faithful broker arranged this abracadabra of documents for you and offer for signing them in the glossy colorful file. Is not it worthy for you that your faithful broker finally offer you the house key and shouting Peace – peace with you, pop champagne and at the same time lavish surprises and candies on your little children. Is not it worthy for you to pay 103 instead of 100, 515 – instead of 500, 1 000 030 – instead of – 1 000 000?

Is it worth for you to get into the jungles without guides for not to pay 3% (who does not rely on brokers loses guides in the jungles), to get in the deluge of options and torrent of relations on the run ragging marathon or vacuum of indecision.